Saturday, June 4, 2011

Figure/Fitness/Bikini Competitors: Your Body Could Get You in Trouble at Work!

Well well well! Its been a while since I've posted! I'm sure some of you are dying to know what I'm up to training and competing wise, but we'll save that exciting stuff for another day.

Right now I would like to share a bit of advice!

I'm sitting under a hot hair dryer with a plastic bag over my head, frying my hair a nice bleached blonde. This will definitely cause some stir in the workplace.

I work for an amazing company, with amazing people. However, it is a conservative company that abides by a certain decorum. One that I constantly find challenging due to my counter-culture roots.

Recently, I learned a very disturbing lesson about how I present myself physically in "professional" world.

It goes something like this: If you have a good body, cover it up. Everyone else: do whatever you want.


Oh yes! So seriously!

I remember when I was a young girl and wasn't allowed to wear shorts to school because (as my teacher told my parents) I "have distracting legs".


Well, what about that girl who squeezed her size 14 ass into size 8 spandex shorts? How is that not distracting?

How is it not distracting when a co-worker wears a uber high short skirt, with a low cut tank top not distracting? How does she get away with it?

How about that guy that looks like he is stuck in an early episode of Fresh Prince? Does the fact he's wearing a tie excuse him from professionalism?

Also - what about those over-the-top guys that dress way overboard (yes, I have had a meeting with a man who arrived in a cape)? How do they get away with that shit?

Now, I will admit, I have some questionable pieces of clothing that I will have to refrain from wearing to the office. But when you buy super conservative outfits for the office and still can't wear them because you look too good, where do you turn?

I know there is no easy answer to this, but I love to stew on the idea. How about you?!


  1. Ummm... I'd honestly be offended. Unless they provide a list of specific items and lengths, you have every right to wear what everyone else wears. Period. And more power to you if you look smokin' hot while doing it.

  2. Love your response Keelie! Its not like I'm dressing like a lady of the night, I want to be as professional as possible....its just those blurry lines of what is appropriate and whats not! I'd gladly wear a burka if all the men in my work place had to!