Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Women's Only Gyms: Beware of Estrogen

Its been a while since I've blogged, and I know I owe MANY answers to you out there (e.g. why I'm not going to be at the Arnold's this weekend)....

And there is the subject of my hair - yes, the platinum blonde is done...for now!

Let's put all this silly banter aside....its time to get ANGRY!

Women's gyms are popping up everywhere. I'd like to encourage you to check one out. Sorry guys, I don't think the pretty teenager girls "manning" the front desks will let you through.

Overall, don't get me wrong. Women's only gyms are a great idea for various reasons...no intimidating guys, peaceful clean atmosphere, great for religious/cultural reasons.

I am woman! HEAR ME ROAR....

Great! Come on ladies! Let get our Lulu's on and get in shape! Ladies Style! No Boys Allowed!

So in my natural curious state, I decided I'd try out one of the women's only locations my gym chain offers, and get a good work out in. New atmospheres are inspiring to me.

I walked in and was greeted by a team of teenage girls who were pleasant and chatty. They pointed in the general direction of the change room. There was a path to help me find my way to the changeroom. It was flanked by seas of cardio equipment. I felt like Moses in a sea of machines.

The machines there are not the most effective cardio equipment either. The limited amount of stairs and treadmills were strategically hidden behind a couple of aerobics classrooms.

The changeroom was great! Hot tub! Steam room and spots to apply our facades were abundant and readily available.

After changing into my gear though, I got the feeling that I didn't fit in. I think it was my over-sized (free!) Muscletech t-shirt, hap-hazard ponytail and Harbinger wraps contrasting with the other ladies gear...eh-hem...ensembles (matching Lulu gear that had never endured a sweat, paired with earrings and long loose hair).

Diving back into the sea, I searched the floor for some weights.

And I found them.

And this is when I knew I had made a mistake.

Apparently, women at this gym were not expected to lift more than 40 lbs. I'm pretty sure my gym bag weighs more than that.

I had wandered into a metal land created by someone that had a stereotype of women: they like pastel pink surroundings, spas, and should not be expected to lift more than 40 lbs at a time.

Images of drinking a cocktail, wearing a leotard and being harnessed into a vibrating belt drifted through my mind.....

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that I expect these facilities to have the full range of dumbbells and plates......but give us a break! Have a little faith in us.

Some girls may not want to lift heavy--and that's cool. But for those that do, let us play.