Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Competition Season--Its Been a GREAT One!

As Doug Schneider pointed out in my last interview in Inside Fitness magazine
(by the way, if you haven't purchased it yet, it's a great magazine with a ton of meat for the fitness enthusiast), this has and will be my busiest competition season ever!

I have three more shows on the table, including:

2009 National Figure/Fitness Championships
New Westminster, British Columbia
August 15

2009 GNC IFBB North American Championships
Cleveland, Ohio
August 29

2009 Women’s Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships
Lake Como, Italy
October 16th to 19th, 2009

***If you are interested in helping me out, please contact me at! I am looking for sponsorship, donations, tips, support, contact info, etc!

These are shots at my pro card! I know the competition will be tough, but I believe my hard work and diligence will one day pay off. I don't expect a "pity pro card." I've worked hard, and I've fought many battles to get here. I've also had my share of let-downs and disappointments, but I will always get back up swinging.

Here's a review of the year so far:

Arnold Amateur Classic, Columbus Ohio
Number of starting competitors: 34
Placing: 12

This was my first time on the US stage, and I couldn't believe the caliber of athletes! I was standing in the biggest class, next to some of the world's most fit women!

There were two challenges I faced for that show. I sprained my hip flexor, so my training was greatly impacted. I also needed to come in softer and fuller, which meant changing my diet so I wouldn't come in as shredded as I had in the past. It was a real fight for me psychologically!

Two weeks later Jebadiah and I drove to Montreal for my next show:

2009 Canadian Natural Physique Championships
Placing: 3rd
Montreal, Quebec

This was a well-run show! The only trouble with it was that it was in Montreal and I couldn't find a decent slice of carrot cake! Also, I competed in the short class--I usually compete in medium, so I felt like a giant standing next to the pretty little things next to me!

Also, I used a new tanning product, Jan Tana Ultra. At first the color went on beautifully, but then the nightmare started--I turned GREEN! Not to mention the tan itself started to look patchy and gross! Nothing like last-minute stress.

Mississauga and South Central Championships - Level 2

Placing: 1st, and Overall Figure Champion

Yeowza! I DID IT! The first time I did the Mississauga show (back in 2007), it was the 1st show I had ever competed in outside of MuscleTech, which made the psychological preparation very difficult. I placed 5th that year and was brokenhearted. The fact that I came back two years later and won the overall meant more than anyone will ever know. Perseverance pays off!

Ontario Provincial Championships - Level 3

Placing, 2nd

Again, this was emotionally and psychologically satisfying. Last year I thought I would never compete again. I returned and left victorious.

This is the hottest team of figure competitors in the WORLD! GO LUCHKA GIRLS! KICK ASS!

SAF Elite

I like doing this show because it forces me out of my comfort zone. I'm also super proud to be lined up next to some of the hottest gals in the industry! I want to promote a healthy and positive image for women and show them that it's not all about T&A. It's about hard work, integrity and respect for the industry.